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Amsterdam 31-12-2013


Amsterdam 31-12-2013

My first blog on the last day of the year… how typical of me to need a ‘dead-line’ to get myself in gear!

I woke up, much too early this morning, realizing I didn’t want to start this in the new year – as I had planned – but wanted a head start even though only by one day.

2013 is just as important as 2014 will be for me. So why not take a quick look back…

On January 10th I flew off to visit Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya. What a good start of the year:) Kenya being my place of birth and Lamu a fond memory of holiday trips at the time, being back there was obviously a dream come true! And thanks to Kathelijne, who was there for her business ( and it was a sentimental journey that I could share on the spot. Also Kathelijne’s passion and energy for her work gave me a boost to start thinking about what I really wanted! Thank you Kathelijne:)

On February 3rd my dear dad would have turned 77 if he had not passed away almost exactly a year earlier.  The end of a first year of suddenly being without someone you were so used to being with. Lot’s of respect for my mum for getting through this…

In March I decided to try something completely different – job wise – and introduced myself at a personal fitness and health club. No not as a trainer…!;) They were looking for a receptionist / PA / all round helping hand. I thought it would be a rather relaxt job for 2 days a week and that I could easily spend the rest of my time with what I really wanted for myself.. But it turned out to be everything but relaxed…

To cut it short; I spent April, May and June there and realized I was spending a lot of time and all my energy on someone else’s dream instead of my own….

On the 30th of April, on our ‘King’s Day’ (formally known as Queens Day), I met Miriam. I was selling my old photo’s, she walked by and immediately noticed them. Long story short; we become friends and Miriam’s energy and drive for her own business ( and constant flow of new idea’s were contagious! Thank you Miriam for showing your belief in me and dragging me to crazy, energizing ‘business bootcamps’ !;)

July arrived as did the summer holiday’s. We spent two weeks in Austria. One of those weeks was at “De Berghut”. What a lovely place. And so much more than a holiday retreat. The owners, Hans and Nel, pride themselves in boosting businesses and finding peoples passion. This week proved to be another step in the right direction for me. Thank you Nel, for your inspiration, worthwhile questions and enthusiastic tips and talks!

August was a combination of end of holidays and start of school. Nothing else really worth mentioning I think..

In September I spent 2 weekends doing the Silva (basic) Course. ( A course where you learn about the power of our brain and how to use it in more ways than you can imagine. I had already participated in this course 20 years earlier and wanted to refresh my memory. So glad I did, can recommend it to everyone!

Also in September my sister Sandrien invited me to a seminar one afternoon. I got to meet two very enthusiastic and down to earth guys with a very clear mission. It has all to do with being happy, i.e. being successful in what you (want to) do and who you want to be/already are. ( We were so inspired that we immediately signed up with them for a year long of learning and growing. Very much looking forward to it all! Thank you San, for dragging me down there;)

Later that month, while visiting Inside Design Amsterdam, and having noticed pictures at concept store “Hutspot” by Caroline Ras (, I decided I wanted to meet her. Four weeks later we were enthusiastically chatting away about photography, how we got started, our travels, dreams and future plans! What a lovely person and how grateful I already am for that conversion where she encouraged me to follow my gut feeling and do the things I enjoy in my own way. Thank you Caroline:)

Beginning of October I got to experience the “Business Bootcamp” ( I mentioned earlier, with Miriam.. And what a crazy, inspiring weekend full of useful information it turned out to be.

Halfway through October I also flew off to Barcelona for a 4 day workshop “Personal Branding”. Three professional ladies to ask anything you want. Learnt so much in such a short period of time, very happy I decided to invest in this. And see here, the website;)

Esther Jacobs, (, Eef Ouwehand ( and Sophie Fischer (, thank you for your expertise and enthusiasm!

Nice to know; I found this workshop through the earlier mentioned “De Berghut”, the place we stayed at in Austria that summer… no coincidence if you ask me..

And by the way; someone else I would like to thank is my dear friend Aki. She has been a motivating factor al the way through the process of getting to where I am now. Always positive and uplifting! Thank you for this Aki:)

Also an important key to all this is sweet Helen. She got me connected to both Kathelijne and Caroline, although it wasn’t intentionally. And even the ‘365 Dagen Succesvol’ program! Thank you Helen! Also for making my hair look nice;)

And oh yes… in between all this Paul and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on October 11th:)

November and December were a mix of all sorts of things. Mainly working on the new site, which naturally needs content and fine tuning constantly.

Also experienced that ‘working at home’ is rather difficult! After 17 years of KLM, where going to work is at a certain time on a specific day, without any ‘home work’ or dead lines to think about, it proved to be a challenge to disipline myself in getting things done at home. Still working on that..; learning how to ‘block’ the days and not get distracted by all sorts of household chores. Or even just reading the newspaper which suddenly seems incredibly important..!

To top off my year, or rather start off my new year with a blast..; my “journey making, picture taking” ‘slogan’ so to speak, will (if everything goes as planned..) immediately go live in January! The plan is to join my good friend Vania on her flight to Taipei! I have been wanting to go there for a while now. Paul went a few times, and I got very enthusiastic seeing his Instagram pictures! So grateful to be able to start the new year with one of the major items on my wish list! Thank you Vania:)

Last but not least; I will start a daily picture project tomorrow. “Around the House in 80 days”. Get it..?;) An idea given to me by Eef ( She mentioned that when being at my house, she felt the urge to travel. And as I am not travelling as much as I used to, why not take a trip around the house; have a closer look at the things collected from all over the world. The stuff that I love having around me. So follow me on Instagram or Facebook, and enjoy the journey with me:)

Wishing you a fantastic year and may all your dreams come true!


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