februari 20, 2014

Day # 1 , “Around the House in 80 Days”

Amsterdam 22-01-2014

Wishing you al a fantastic 2014!
I am quite excited as this is the start of a new photographic year for me. Journey making, picture taking!
And I decided to start off the year with a journey indoors. Enough stuff to show you that I collected throughout my years of flying around.

Naming the project “80 days Around the House”
Hope you enjoy!

First one is a wooden board in our bedroom that my husband Paul made for me. This Chinese character stands for ‘double happiness’. It’s meant for married couples, a well known decoration at weddings. Long before I got married I already owned a pendant with this character and when I turned 30, I even had it tattoo’d! As did Paul later;) The character belongs to me.. Which is why I chose it to be my logo for

double happiness, wooden panel

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