februari 20, 2014

Day # 10, “Around the House in 80 Days”

Found this box in Beijing.

Bought it at one of those flee markets where they start as early as 5am! Didn’t manage that obviously, but must have been before 12 noon, which is already a good job considering the jet lag..

This flee market was basically a whole lot of (rural) people with cloths on the floor in front of them with all sorts of stuff laid out for sale. Remember buying quite a few things there, which will probably end up on this blog.

This particular box, or small chest if you will, caught my eye because of the dark, warm brown and gold colouring. And the typical Chinese image painted on it. Something pretty to keep stuff in, was my idea.

Naturally I also opened the lid while inspecting it, and to my surprise, there was one of those Red Guard armbands inside. They were worn during the Cultural Revolution, by the young people of the paramilitary social movement in 1966/67.

Such a shame I wasn’t able to communicate with the vendor as I was very eager to here the story about this box.. Having said that; unfortunately my scepticism towards ‘authentic product’ has grown over the years..

I really wouldn’t be surprised if the man sold me a fake ‘old’ box with maybe a not so fake armband but consciously put there, for selling purposes only! And indeed, it worked;)


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