februari 20, 2014

Day # 15, Around the House in 80 Days”

We’re in Beijing!
To be more specific, in a mall, of which I can’t remember the name (what’s new..), with several floors, and escalators.
Now you might imagine a fancy modern building with shiny walls and mirrors but this was a pretty old lady.
A bit over stocked and grubby, with stuff you never knew you needed!Mostly folks came for the fake (clothing) brands but I headed straight for the top floor where the flee-markety stuff was.
Also a section with paintings. Local artist showing off their talents. I bought a few small paintings there myself, show them to you one of these days.This time I ran across a bundle of beads. Nice long strings of them. Very colourful and shiny. Not just ordinary round beads but different shapes and even the animals of the Chinese horoscope. Very nicely detailed.Saw the exact same ones in a gift shop in Amsterdam once. Cost a small fortune whilst I only payed a couple of bucks for them..
Still enjoying their abundant colours hanging from my cabinet daily:)
# 15

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