februari 20, 2014

Day # 2, “Around the House in 80 Days”

A selection of 4 small metal plates that I bought in Buenos Aires years ago. In 1999 to be exact! They show the human body and organs and stuff, with the Spanish names for all the parts! Rather educational. I love the colours and the whole look of what it being shown.

I found them at flee market where there was also some lovely Tango dancing performance going on. I’m sure the market is well known, I would have to look it up.. The Tango picture I took there is still an old time favourite.

Nice to know about this particular afternoon, or at least from what I remember.., is that after roaming around the square for a while I suddenly realised I had lost sight of the rest of the crew. Or rather; they had forgotten about me and had left! Yep, felt rather abandoned..

Quickly decided I wasn’t going to spoil my afternoon so I went for coffee in one of those typical, old fashioned, stylish places with ‘senior’ waiters wearing long white aprons.
After a while I was handed two napkin’s with poems written on them! Someone had obviously been inspired (by me haha;) and had been writing while I sat there. It was “El Mozo” as you can read on the napkin, a very famous poet by now, I’m sure!
Well I was flattered..

And it didn’t stop there. I found a fantastic jazz place later on, one of those scenic, smokey, cellars, with wonderful live jazz music.
I felt I had stepped into a movie scene…

So, fond memories for me when it comes to these 4 little metal plates with body parts!

You wouldn’t have guessed would you?;)

buenas aires, tango, poetry


buenas aires, tango, dance, streets, music, timeless

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