februari 20, 2014

Day # 5, “Around the House in 80 Days”

Something from Mexico this time.

Bought it at a typical touristy market with all sorts if shops.
This particular shop was only filled with these wooden boxes with fantastic daily-life scenes from ‘the skeleton world’!
Obviously all to with the Mexican holiday “Dia de Muertos”, when they remember and pray for friends & family who have died.

I think I must have spent at least 45 minutes in there, and the shop wasn’t bigger than 6 square meters! Just couldn’t choose… Finally left with two larger, a small and 2 miniature pieces. Really wanted the XL piece but that wouldn’t have fit into my suitcase..bummer..

One of the miniature’s a (skeleton) woman giving birth. Pretty weird but fascinating too.
The other a skeleton artist painting. Really very cute and so well made. Handwork that requires a very steady and patient hand!

The compilation below is one if the two larger ones. A bar (with picture of Michael Jackson:) and a rock band. Love the details.
Hope you enjoy:)

# 5

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