februari 20, 2014

Day # 6, “Around the House in 80 Days”

Back to China we go;) This ornamented, wooden panel used to be part of a piece of furniture. A bed, a cabinet, a room screen, who knows.

I think I bought it in Beijing.

My mum had a keen eye for these carvings back when we livedĀ in Singapore. In the late ’80’s they began tearing parts of old Chinatown down. Along the Singapore River. Where Clarke Quay now is. Lots of treasures to be found there at the time. Treasures the Singapore government didn’t yet treasure very much..
Nowadays these carvings can be worth a lot, if not fake..

Have a number of different types of panels at home but haven’t put them up anywhere distinctive, yet. This particular one (I have 2 identical ones), is on our kitchen shelf. Shall I use it as a photo frame? Hmm..dunno..

# 6

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