what’s it about?

I have no message to deliver, nothing to prove; you see and you feel, and it’s the surprised eye that decides.  Henri Cartier-Bresson


About looking around you. Noticing.

It’s all there.

Nothing needs to be changed or adjusted.

Just take it as it is and look for the right balance.

There is always something around you to notice. Often too matter of fact to stand out. It’s the secret language of unmeant things and combinations that coincidently occure.

During walks and wanderings through a city or an area, my eyes are often drawn towards the ‘stills’ of a scene. They search for the serene simplicity amongst the often dynamic or even chaotic surroundings.

My desire is to capture this still life, as I found it. Nothing was staged and the light is as it was. I like to find the beauty in small things. Ordinary things. 

What kind of pictures to you take? I’m asked this question often and the only thing I can come up with is ‘street still life’. Not many people involved, mostly ‘stuff’ people use. You could say that I’m taking portraits of things people use or leave behind. The presents of people is apparent, the not the people themselves..

Anyway, I would love to share my photo’s with you. See them hanging in your home, office, shop, hotel or restaurant.

So let’s get in touch:)